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Greedfall 2 dev says controversial new combat is “a work in progress”

New tactical RPG Greedfall 2 divides opinion with a switch to Dragon Age Origins style tactical combat, but its dev commits to the change.

Greedfall 2's controversial new combat system is "a work in progress," dev says - A woman with white lines painted across her face.

Making changes in a sequel is always going to split player opinion. For everyone who likes the new systems more, someone will miss the old method. As BioWare’s Dragon Age: The Veilguard moves away from the classic PC-first tactical RPG roots of Dragon Age Origins in favor of a more action-RPG leaning, developer Spiders is taking the opposite approach with Greedfall 2: The Dying World.

At our recent Greedfall 2 preview in Paris we got hands-on with the new combat system, and found it to offer a pleasing amount of control and flexibility. It harkens back to some of the best tactical RPGs – Dragon Age Origins being an easy anchor point – with its combination of real-time combat and the ability to pause on the fly to adjust the tactics of your party members. It’s a dramatic change for the sequel, however, and has caused some consternation as to whether Greedfall 2 will satisfy players who enjoyed the more action-driven combat of the original.

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“As opposed to the first opus, the tactical pause feature will be pushed further to enable full control of your companions, and the orders you give them, allowing you to experience a more authentic sense of togetherness as a group of adventurers,” Spiders says in its latest blog post. “That said, we have acknowledged that part of the community has been surprised by the changes to the gameplay, particularly for combat, which was also a crucial topic during the playtest we organized in April.”

The team says it considers the combat “a work in progress” and adds, “We understand that the changes for combat might feel disappointing for some people or overwhelming for others. While we do not intend to switch back to the same combat style as the first GreedFall, we do intend to make combat gameplay one of the main pillars of early access, and a subject on which we will be particularly alert and attentive.”

“We are well aware that we will need your feedback if we are to make this new combat gameplay the most satisfying experience possible and not a blocking factor to your enjoyment of the game,” it continues. “We want the game experience to be pleasant, fun and accessible for everyone – be it for the seasoned tactical RPG players, newcomers to the genre, or those who simply wish to enjoy other aspects of the game that are more important to them, such as exploring the world or following the story.”

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Don’t expect a complete reversal of the shift, then, especially now that Greedfall 2 is so deep in development. But the early access period should prove a good way to refine and hone its new-look systems into something that works well. In conclusion, Spiders notes, “We know you are waiting for a release date for the early access, and we too are eager for you to know. Do not worry, we plan to make an official announcement very soon.”

Until then, there’s plenty more of the best tactical RPGs to choose from. Or, if you’re someone looking to go a bit more all-out in the style of the original, try the best action-adventure games for plenty such options.

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