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Green Man Gaming have every BioShock for under a tenner - and credit to earn playing them

BioShock Infinite

Remember Y2K? That year we spent celebrating the virtues of the Civ publisher? What a strange time. Green Man Gaming are remembering those heady days for the next 20-odd hours with a meaty 2K-headlined sale. Get yer BioShocks and Borderlands for very little, if you’re so inclined – and you’ll get something back in return.

Gaming social network and GMG sibling Playfire are in the throes of a Rewards beta which pushes the concept of achievements perhaps a little further than we’re used to.

Points awarded for in-game progress equate to small amounts of GMG store credit – allowing Steam users to effectively earn more cash for PC games by playing PC games. Something they’re good at.

Booting up BioShock Infinite for the first time after logging into Playfire will nab you 10p – and unlocking Spec Ops: The Line’s Deer Hunter achievement will grant you 50p.

Completing every one of the PCGamesN rewards associated with today’s sale would rack up just over £10 in GMG credit – equivalent to a BioShock triple pack or Borderlands Bundle, with a little to spare.

So! Let’s get cracking. Here’s every rewards-compatible deal available until 10am tomorrow.

BioShock Triple Pack – 79% off

Was £43.97

Now £9.23

Borderlands Bundle – 80% off

Was £39.94

Now £7.98

XCOM Collection – 77% off (rewards apply only to XCOM: Declassified, which comes free)

Was £53.15

Now £12.22

How To Survive, Rekoil, TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, Men of War

Pick three in Multibuy of the Day for £5.

The Thirty Nine Steps, Nikopol Secrets of the Immortals, Postmortem One Must Die – 68% off

Available in the GMG Discovery Bundle for £6.

Postal, PixelJunk Shooter, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, Marine Sharpshooter II Jungle Warfare, Rising Storm – 73% off

Available in the GMG Frag Me Bundle for £9.50

Tribloos 2, PID, The Bridge, Ben There Dan That & Gentlemen Bundle, Party of Sin – 75% off

Available in the GMG Level Up Bundle for £7.60

That’s the lot. But we’d recommend venturing out of the reward zone for the pick of BioShock’s DLC to date. Minerva’s Den is a Rapture-set gem from the Gone Home team, and Burial at Sea Episode 2 was the swansong Irrational deserved. They’re both going cheap. Do you think you’ll pick either up?