Green Man Gaming take aim at Steam Summer Sale with 25% off everything discount


Green Man Gaming are tired of waiting for the Steam Summer Sale to start. They are so tired, in fact, that they’ve gone ahead and started their very own Green Man Gaming sale – and it’s a doozy: they’ve knocked a generous 25% off their entire catalogue.

Their voucher code is quite the thing, too: 25OFF-ALLTH-EGAME. You can use it as many times as you like until 1100 UTC on July 9th, which, for Irish and British readers currently enduring the most miserable summer in recent memory, is midday on Monday.

The offer works with titles that are already on sale, too, meaning there are some mega-bargains to be found. Painkiller: Redemption can be had for 84p, and the deal knocks a full £10 off The Secret World’s asking price, too. Have a poke around the Greenman Gaming store if you fancy siphoning some cash out of your increasingly dusty Steam Summer Sale piggy bank. In other news, we like it when online retailers fight.

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