Green Man Gaming’s Encore Sale takes in XCOM, Company of Heroes 2 and every BioShock

XCOM: Enemies cannot be classed as unknown at this sort of range.

The nostalgists at Green Man Gaming are taking a misty-eyed look back over their last week of summer sales today. Remember Tuesday, when XCOM was just over a tenner? The heady days when all three BioShocks totalled even less than that? Perhaps with a little prompting you’ll even begin to recall the weekend’s disregard for the RRP of Company of Heroes 2. What a time.

All of those deals and more have returned for a 24-hour, sepia-tinged encore sale.

GMG-linked gaming social network Playfire are running a Rewards beta at the moment which adds a little potential value to plenty of the games you might buy in the sale.

Play Steam games while logged into Playfire and you can earn achievements which equate to GMG store credit. It’s pennies, but those pennies add up fast – especially when the likes of Tomb Raider are priced at just over a fiver.

You can keep up of what rewards currently apply to which games via the Playfire blog.

Right: these are the headline games of the encore sale’s first day, which ends at 10am BST tomorrow.

2K Essentials Collection

Was £74.96

Now £13.49

XCOM Collection

Was £53.15

Now £12.22

Disney Castle of Illusion, Jet Set Radio

Was £9.99

Now £2.49

Company of Heroes 2

Was £29.99

Now £10.19

Football Manager 2014

Was £34.99

Now £8.74

Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII

Was £19.98

Now £9.99

Hitman Pack

Was £29.99

Now £5.99

Tomb Raider Game of the Year Edition

Was £24.99

Now £6.24

Telltale’s Poker Night 2

Was £3.99

Now 99p

Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition

Was £14.99

Now £5.99

Borderlands Bundle

Was £39.94

Now £7.98

BioShock Triple Pack

Was £43.97

Now £9.23

Did you know The Walking Dead Season 1’s designers cut their dialogue teeth on Telltale’s Poker Night? Gotta be worth further investigation for a quid.