Gremlins, Inc signs off DLC trilogy with Astral Gamblers update

Gremlins, Inc

The final part of Gremlins, Inc’s ‘DLC trilogy’ has just gone live, according to the clever folks behind it, with Astral Masters signing off the game’s run of updates with a host of new features and options.

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In one of the most enthusiastic press releases that’s landed in our inbox for some time, Gremlins, Inc’s dev team claimed the tabletop game’s setting, Clockwork Town, has “earned a reputation of a must-see touristic destination.”

“That’s why even the Astral Masters bless now Gremlins, Inc. with their presence, descending from their heavenly abodes to dispose of the boredom of eternal life over a game of roulette,” the spiel continues.

“But who would have thought that some of them won’t stop at that, and would pick up on our town’s grandest game: the Big Game for power, prestige and money? Welcome to Astral Gamblers, the new content for Gremlins, Inc., the game of strategy, corruption and malice!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. In fact, we didn’t. Either way, Astral Gamblers – which you can pick up for $4.99 – comes with 12 new character portraits of the Astral Masters, an all-new communication feature, as well as new backgrounds, themes and icons for player customisation.