Grey Goo’s free Descent of the Shroud DLC introduces fourth faction and new campaign

Grey Goo DLC

Grey Goo’s latest story expansion, The Descent of the Shroud, arrives today free-of-charge for those who own the base game. For those who don’t, a definitive edition also lands today that rounds up previous DLC and adds a collection of new features. 

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It’s been a while since Grey Goo’s last expansion Emergence dropped, however the latest addition The Descent of the Shroud adds a fourth faction to its RTS bounds named, yup, the Shroud. A destructive alien life form, the Shroud have landed on Ecosystem Nine where they plan to feed off its energy. Oh, and they also plan to destroy any Human, Beta and/or Goo factions that stand in their way. So be sure to watch out for that. Here’s the Shroud in action:

The new expansion can be played both in multiplayer and offline against AI enemies, with its new Descent of the Shroud story mission exclusive to single-player.

“Descent of the Shroud also brings new units to the game’s three original races,” says publisher Grey Box in a statement. “Betas can now deploy the Squall, a ranged ground unit with a knockback effect. The Goo Siphon drains health from enemies and transfers it to allies. And the Humans’ Valiant AI bot can deploy a shield that redirects damage to friendly allies toward itself.”

As for the game’s definitive edition, it’ll include:

  • A brand-new multiplayer faction: face off against – or play as – the Shroud
  • New units: the Humans’ Valiant, the Beta’s Squall and the Goo’s Siphon.
  • All DLC, including the “Emergence” and “Descent of the Shroud” campaigns
  • Mission 16: “Herald of Silence”
  • The complete game soundtrack
  • Additional Shroud-related accomplishments
  • An extensive gameplay balance overhaul

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