Alien Isolation, Blair Witch and X Files meet in new Steam horror game

Alien Isolation, the Blair Witch, and X Files combine in a new Steam horror game modelled on 90s found-footage movies, and it's heading to Valve’s shop in 2023

Alien Isolation, Blair Witch and X Files meet in new Steam horror game. A man wearing a tinfoil hat in horror game Greyhill Incident

A new Steam horror game drawing inspirations from Alien Isolation, Blair Witch, X Files, and found-footage classics like The McPherson Tape, is launching in 2023, and will see you battling little grey men as you try to stop your daughter from being abducted, all set against the backdrop of the nostalgic mid-nineties.

Greyhill Incident casts you as Ryan Baker, an average American living in the rural Midwest during the nineties alien abduction hysteria. Armed with a baseball bat and a revolver, you’re one night besieged by the large-headed, oval-eyed, classic-style ‘Greys’, and must defend your family and friends in an homage to nineties horror movies and TV shows.

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“It’s the early nineties in the US,” explains developer Refugium Games. “The media talks about weather balloons and conspiracy theories. But residents of a small neighbourhood soon realise the government is lying. The small neighbourhood of Greyhill are afraid to speak up, and fearing being sent to the psychiatric ward, they avoid calling the police.

“As Ryan Baker, an average guy equipped with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his revolver, your path is to get across the atmospheric neighbourhood of Greyhill to save a neighbour who is in serious trouble.”

Tinfoil hats, kitsch furniture, those schlocky flying saucer designs – Greyhill Incident looks like a loving dedication to the found-footage horror movies that dominated the nineties. It’s slated for release in Q2 of 2023, but you can add it now to your Steam Wishlist.

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