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Grid 2 trailer shows how the game’s multiplayer has gone all social. More so


While the latest Grid 2 trailer may be titled ‘Multiplayer Redefined’, don’t worry, it still features multiple players racing each other. A more accurate title might be ‘Multiplayer now comes with social networking gubbins’.

That’s not to slight the gubbins – gubbins can be great – and these ones are potentially neat.

Looks like now, when you take yourself online you become a user in a network of integrated chat and video systems, allowing you to upload replays and clips to be commented, liked, and followed by other players. It’s quite a nifty system, one which (having a housemate who watches F1 2013 replays on Youtube every night) could speak to a certain audience.

Though, got to say, those are the politist Youtube-style commenters I’ve seen in a long while.

We’ve still not seen a great deal of the game in action and, while feature trailers are nice, I’d really like to see how Grid 2 is leaning when it comes to its realism vs arcade see saw.

Grid 2 is to be released on 31 May.