Grid 2 trailer shows teensy bit of game footage, wastes lots of time on live action thingy


I’m rubbish at racing games but something about Codemaster’s output has always let me get a glimpse of what the genre can offer. This was no more true of Grid, a racing title that straddled the line between sim and arcade more tightly than an overenthusiastic horse rider. The news that Codemasters were finally working on a sequel was received around these parts.

After five months of near-silence, Codemasters are beginning their marketing cycle with this brief trailer.

Too much motor journalist and not enough in-game footage for my liking. Though what little was shown does look very pretty. Not much else can be ascertained than that, though.

I hooked up my PC to my TV the other day and played Grid – which is now nearly seven years-old – and bumped its graphics settings up to full and the resolution up to 2560 x 1440 and the aged game still looked marvellous. Racing games have always had a lead on other genres in that their restricted maps allow developers to put all the GPU load into a small space, letting them really push the fidelity of their games. I’m very excited to see what seven years will mean for Grid 2’s appearance.