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Grid Autosport Oculus support coming in next update

grid autosport oculus rift

The next update for Grid Autosport will let you put your head into the driver’s seat if you have an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Potentially, this could make for one of the most engrossing driving experiences available on PC. Besides Euro Truck Simulator 2, of course.

“We’ve been tinkering with VR for a while now and have reached the stage where we believe it’s working pretty well,” Codemasters wrote in a blog post. “This support is only experimental, and as such, there are some in-game options that may cause crashes if you try to change them in game – examples of these are changing resolution, and resizing the window.”

They expect the patch to go out later this week.

It doesn’t just add support for VR, the patch will also lay the groundwork for the upcoming Drag Racing DLC and fix bugs in the vehicle upgrade system and make improvements for to the official playlists.

Cockpit-style games have always seemed the natural fit for VR, it makes sense to be in the situation where you turn your head separately to your body, unlike FPSs where, with an Oculus, you turn your whole body with a look.

Grid Autosport offers such a variety of racing styles and in such a pretty package that it’ll l be one of the first games I try out when I finally get my hands on one of those headsets.

Full instructions of how to set up the game and your Oculus to work together can be found in the post.

The full patch notes can be read on the next page.

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