Grim Dawn adds Port Valbury, an Aetherial-themed roguelike dungeon, mid December


Grim Dawn is getting a big update in mid December, adding a new roguelike dungeon packed with fresh lore, bosses and monster infrequents. 

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The1.0.0.7 update, called The Fall of Port Valbury, takes players to a city past its prime – a place that’s been eroding under the influence of the Aetherials.

“Even before the Grim Dawn was fully unleashed upon Cairn, their agents had begun working on undermining the population and throwing the city into chaos,” says the official blurb.

“The city’s mayor, Khallos Strune, could not have suspected the schemes happening right under his nose, and when he began to realise that one of his advisors, Councillor Van Aldritch, was not using his position to the best interest of the citizenry, it was already too late. Port Valbury, as countless other settlements across the Erulan Empire, was doomed.”

The scars of the Aetherials aren’t only apparent on the city, but also the inhabitants. During you travels you might stumble across Jaren, the old harbormaster who was bribed by a councilman into allowing unrestricted access to the docks.

Now he stalks the port as an abomination, forever bound to Van Aldritch’s will and covered in seeping, unhealing wounds.

You’ll be able to uncover more horrors like this within Port Valbury next month.

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