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Grim Fandango no longer controls like a tank thanks to this new point and click mod

Grim Fandango LucasArts

It might be sixteen years old but that’s not stopped one modder from tweaking Grim Fandango. The clever so and so has replaced Grim’s awkward tank-like movement system with a more traditional point and click control system.

It works a treat.

You can see it in action in the below video:

In the original Grim Fandango you’d move about the screen by using the left and right arrows to turn on the spot and up and down to move forwards and back. The tank like movement was slow, inaccurate and, considering the camera for each scene was fixed, walking onto a new set would mean you’d need to orientate yourself all afresh.

This new system is much more efficient but, as yet, not too well tested. Developer Tobias Pfaff says that “The game should now [be] 100% playable with mouse only, but the mod is not well tested yet.” So expect bugs.

You can download the mod and try it for yourself by downloading Pfaff’s creation.

Unfortunately, GOG don’t yet stock Grim Fandango so you’ll need to find a physical copy somewhere. You can alert GOG to their oversight by voting on their wishlist.