Gris celebrates 300,000 players with bonus music and concept art

Nomada Studio's platformer Gris gets a free update of unused music and illistrations

Devolver Digital’s atmospheric platformer Gris has sold 300,000 copies since it launched in December 2018. Developer Nomada Studio announced this statistic on its Twitter celebrating the game’s milestone achievement.

To celebrate the sales statistic, the studio has released a free update titled ‘Gris Undone’, which includes a number of behind-the-scenes assets. The catalogue includes a selection of tracks by the band Berlinist who composed the game’s original soundtrack as well as a selection of character illustrations from creative director Conrad Roset.

The art collection includes unused designs for the young woman’s dress and ideas for potential scenes that did not feature in the game’s full release. One image in the short video is the young woman from Gris in the centre of a giant bubble underwater. The update can be accessed through Gris’ main menu and is available for both PC and Nintendo Switch.

Gris tells the story of a young woman who journeys through a grey landscape in search of a way to bring colour back to her world. She has a magical cape that gives her special powers like giving her the ability to float to higher platforms or glide through the murky depths of the sea.

Gris a wordless game that speaks its story through beautiful visual imagery and unique platforming. It’s an abstract, evocative experience that explores themes of grief and loss.

As we get to set our eyes on this beautiful update, it seems that Facebook mistook Gris for being “sexually suggestive” and rejected the advert from being displayed on its website.