Grounded axe: how to craft a tier 1 and 2 axe

Weeding your way through Grounded? You'll need this handy chopping tool to get you started


How do you get an axe in Grounded? Obsidian’s new survival game doesn’t baby you, no matter how small you are, so you’ll need to get crafting in order to survive the onslaught of creepy crawlies that’ll be headed your way.

Of course, the more foraging for supplies that you do, the better items you’ll be able to create. That includes risking it all to get your hands on some of the more aloof resources in the game, including upgrading your axe. To start out with, you’ll need a basic axe, also called a Pebblet axe and this is your run of the mill bottom tier starter axe. It’s pretty lightweight in terms of the destruction it can cause, able to chop down grass and plants, as well as being used as a semi-successful weapon.

The Pebblet axe is one of the first tools you’ll need, so to ensure survival, here’s how to create your very own axe in Grounded. Of course, you’ll want to upgrade your axe at some point as well, so here’s how to achieve a level 2 tier axe as well as all the ingredients and machinery you’ll need.

How to craft a Pebblet axe in Grounded

To craft an axe in Grounded you’ll need these ingredients:

  • Woven fiber (1) – You can create woven fiber by collecting plant fiber from the ground and analysing it. Woven Fiber can be easily missed, it’s the teeny tiny plants usually found at the bottom of stems.
  • Sprigs (3) – A little taller than plant fiber, there’s an abundance of these slim plants in Grounded, so you shouldn’t have a problem collecting enough for your new axe.
  • Pebblet (2) – You guessed it, these small pebbles are scattered around the floor and are pretty easy to spot.

For the axe, you’ll need to use these materials in an Analyser. By analysing new materials, you’ll unlock recipes, including the pebblet axe.

How to upgrade your axe in Grounded

If, however, the pebblet axe isn’t hacking down enemies and plants as quickly as you’d like, this isn’t the only chopping tool in Grounded you can create. Instead of upgrading your axe, you’ll need to create a new axe to take on hardier elements and enemies. Here’s what you’ll need to create the insect axe:

  • Ladybug head (1) – You can find these little creatures circling the yard, they are pretty feisty, so make sure you aim spear first and don’t let it hit you.
  • Bombardier parts (3) – These little bugs can be found not far from your dead ladybug friend, just to the west. They are formidable foes, so be wary of their dirty fight tactics.
  • Spider silk (4) – It was never going to be easy… you’ll need to gather spider silk by attacking webs and wherever there’s a spider web, there’s always a…

Of course, as we’ve mentioned before, you’ll need to roam a little further afield to gather the necessary items to forge this axe, and it’s not without its risks, including the beheading of innocent ladybugs.

Grounded workbench

Now you’ve collated all the materials for your insect axe, you’ll need to use a workbench. Higher tiered weapons and gear require workbenches to construct, so it’s a good recipe to know. You’ll need sap (2), sprigs (4), and grass planks (3) – all within easy reach of your base. Once you’re in the safety of your camp, select the crafting menu and build a workbench, placing it wherever your little heart desires.