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Grounded’s first major update adds birds, a perk system, and “stronger spiders”

The August content update is live

The first big update for Grounded‘s stay in early access has arrived. Update 0.2.0 is now live across all versions of the game, and adds some big new features, including a massive bird to deal with and a whole perk system to give your character unique abilities. There are also a load of new things to craft and, er, they’ve gone and made spiders stronger.

There are new Sprig and Acorn fence types, and new Grass and Clover tables. There are also proper beds to craft now, which will require feathers to craft. You’re going to be able to collect feathers from the giant (compared to you, anyway) bird that’s patrolling the yard. You’ll also need them to craft a new Marksman’s Cap.

The perk system will give you mutations to improve your stats and abilities. Some can be purchased from BURG.L, while others will be unlocked through doing various tasks in the backyard. Perks can do things like boost your health or let you cut grass faster. You can have three perks active at a time, and you can swap between anything you’ve unlocked whenever you feel like it.

Spiders are getting a new set of attacks, too. “Yep, stronger spiders,” Obsidian’s Shyla Schofield says in the new devlog. “Just what everyone asked for.” (That arachnophobia mode is still an option, don’t worry.) The devlog below provides a broad overview of everything, and you can see the more granular changes on the official site.

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The Grounded roadmap is still on the way, so we don’t know what’s on the docket for future updates just yet. But Obsidian’s take on survival games has been a successful one so far, so we’re keen to find out.