Grow Home is Ubisoft’s latest passion project, help a robot climb a beanstalk

Grow Home Ubisoft Reflections

Ubisoft are getting really good at smaller ‘passion projects’. Having kicked out Child of Light, Valiant Hearts, and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon over the last couple of years, the studio is now gearing up to launch their latest little game: Grow Home. 

It’s all about helping a robot return to his spaceship which hangs in orbit. Rather than using the cliched method of rocket boosted boots though, the robot in Grow Home has decided to sprout a massive beanstalk and climb it to the clouds. 

Ubisoft’s creative initiative allows studios to make smaller, more personal projects during the downtime between their larger AAA work. This time it’s Ubisoft Reflections turn to take the reigns, and Grow Home couldn’t be more different from their work on The Crew.

It’s a physics-based puzzler, with procedurally generation powering the experience. The plant that you climb will twist and grow in ways determined by your actions. Climbing it won’t be just a matter of pushing the ‘up’ key either; using the left and right triggers you’ll control both hands of the robot for some freeform climbing. You’ll also have access to toys like parachutes and teleport pads.

Grow Home is practically complete: it releases on Steam on February 4th.