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Grow Home is about a little red robot that could, and it’s out today on Steam

Grow Home

Ubisoft’s latest artistic project, Grow Home, has finally been released today. Players take control of BUD, a Botanical Utility Droid with a mission to save his home planet. He’s journeyed to an alien planet in seeking for an answer, and he’s found one – but he’ll need to don his climbing shoes if he wants to succeed.

BUD – the little red robot – has a very important job to do: he has to save his home planet. In order to do that, he needs some special alien seeds, but they’re inconveniently located at the top of a massive interweaving mess of plants, rocks and fungi.

Thankfully, BUD’s speciality means he can manipulate this giant alien plant, causing it to grow new stalks for him to climb. And by collecting mysterious hidden crystals, BUD can upgrade his hardware to perform even more miraculous feats.

Grow Home is out today on Steam for a very modest £5.99 – are you picking it up?