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The best GTA Trilogy cheat codes

The best cheats for GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas

A man is shooting a flamethrower in the streets of Liberty City in GTA Trilogy.

Want to know what the best GTA Trilogy cheats are? Whether you’re familiar with causing chaos in Rockstar’s PlayStation 2 era open-world games or you’re experiencing them for the first time, there comes a time where you just need to let your hair down and go wild with the many cool cheats available in each game.

If you want to pore over lists with every single cheat code in the GTAtrilogy, we’ve got you covered with guides for GTA 3 cheat codes, GTA Vice City cheat codes, and GTA San Andreas cheat codes that include every single PC cheat code available. However, unless you’re looking for something specific, there’s no need to wade through the entire list. Instead, we’ve put together a shortlist of the best GTA Trilogy cheats so you’ll find the most useful ones for all three classic GTA games at a glance.

These cheats were available in the original PC versions of GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas, so there’s no guarantee that they will work with the new version. It’s highly likely that, at most, they will disable any achievements. That said, we will verify each one once the GTA Trilogy is available.

How to activate GTA Trilogy cheats

We highly recommend that you save your game before activating a cheat code, as you can’t deactivate any of the cheats once entered. To activate a GTA Trilogy cheat code, simply type the cheat as shown below with your keyboard. You need to type them in carefully as what you’re typing isn’t shown on any console command prompt or text box. After typing in the last character, the cheat code will activate. The process is the same across all three games, and you’ll get a little pop-up when you successfully activate a cheat.

Best GTA Trilogy cheat codes

Here are the best GTA Trilogy cheat codes:

Best GTA 3 PC cheat codes

  • 100% health – gesundheit
  • Full armour – Tortoise (or Turtoise)
  • Get all weapons – gunsgunsguns
  • More money – ifiwerearichman
  • Lower wanted level – nopoliceplease
  • Better vehicle handling – cornerslikemad
  • Flying vehicle – chittychittybb
  • Spawn a tank (Rhino) – giveusatank

Best GTA Vice City PC cheat codes

  • Full health – ASPIRINE
  • Weapon set 1 – THUGSTOOLS
  • Weapon set 2 – PROFESSIONALTOOLS
  • Weapon set 3 – NUTTERTOOLS
  • Buy all properties – FULLCITYPEOPLEMINES
  • Lower Wanted level to 0 – LEAVEMEALONE
  • Spawn a tank – PANZER
  • Spawn a Bloodring Banger – TRAVELINSTYLE
  • Spawn the Alt Bloodring Banger – GETTHEREQUICKLY
  • Spawn a Sabre Turbo – GETTHEREFAST
  • Spawn a Hotring Racer – GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED
  • Spawn the Alt Hotring Racer – GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST
  • Flying boats – AIRSHIP
  • Amphibious cars – SEAWAYS
  • Spawn Aeroplane – FLYINGWAYS

Best GTA San Andreas PC cheat codes

  • Infinite health – BAGUVIX
  • Infinite ammo – FULLCLIP
  • Adds health, armor, and $250k – HESOYAM
  • Weapons 1 (Grunt) – LXGIWYL
  • Weapons 2 (Surgeon) – PROFESSIONALSKIT
  • Weapons 3 (Berserker) – UZUMYMW
  • Maximum Lungs (infinite oxygen) – CVWKXAM
  • Maximum muscle – BUFFMEUP
  • Maximum respect – WORSHIPME
  • Maximum vehicle skills – NATURALTALENT
  • All cars have Nitrous – SPEEDFREAK
  • Awesome handling – STICKLIKEGLUE
  • Reduced traffic – GHOSTTOWN
  • Wanted level never increases – AEZAKMI
  • Clear Wanted level – ASNAEB
  • Fat – BTCDBCB
  • Skinny – KVGYZQK
  • Super jump – KANGAROO
  • Jetpack – ROCKETMAN
  • Fast clock – YSOHNUL
  • Spawn a Hunter – OHDUDE
  • Spawn a tank (Rhino) – AIWPRTON
  • Spawn a Hydra – JUMPJET
  • Spawn a Racecar – VROCKPOKEY
  • Spawn a Hovercraft – KGGGDKP

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