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GTA V in-game trailer has them cars in it you like


This morning brought vague tidings of joy where GTA V’s PC version is concerned. Which means that, now this first snippet of in-game footage has slapped down onto the internet with an almighty bellyflop, we can woop and jabber along with the liveliest of ‘em. Ready?

Good jabber, all. Well done. Come to think of it, GTA juxtaposes player control and cutscenes so harshly that you could probably sandwich this trailer between the last two to acccurately recreate the experience of playing.

I am a little concerned that the new GTA’s on-the-fly protagonist swapping might lead to some tediously delineated abilities in practice. Perhaps retired bank robber Michael has access to larger garages, for instance, but only Venice Beach repo man Franklin can scuba dive? Or perhaps my imagination’s on the blink, looping endlessly back to the LEGO games.

Did you know: I wasn’t joking about the scuba diving. GTA V’s ocean floor is fully detailed and ready to be explored. Madness.