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GTA V PC petition tops 250,000 signatures

Vinewood, Los Santos.

At last count, 263,726 individual human beings had expressed a middling-to-urgent desire to play the new Grand Theft Auto game on their computer.

The petition has steadily gathered traction over a matter of months. Its signature number now sits at more than five times its total in November.

“Bloomin’ heck!”, wrote organiser Mike Julliard back when his petition passed 100,000 names. “I can’t believe we’ve gotten to 100,000 signatures! It’s unbelievable. Keep sharing this and we’ll catch Rockstar’s eye in no time. They must know we exist by now!”

I imagine they do. But has anybody ever had a conversation with a Rockstar employee? You know, the kind where they listen and respond to the thoughts of another person in context, rather than simply strapping words to GTA footage and firing them in the general direction of GameTrailers?

Regardless, that’s nearly 264,000 PC advocates on the outside, and one on the inside, working at Rockstar Leeds to “bring [their] latest titles to the PC platform”.

Fingers crossed for an announcement, or at least a snort of acknowledgement, by the time GTA V graces consoles on September 17. Do you think we’ll get one?

Thanks, CVG.