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GTA5 will have a customisable dog. He answers to ‘Chop’ and will be adorable.


Grand Theft Auto 5 has animals! 15 different varieties! You can hunt a lot of those varieties, but one animal you won’t want to put down with sniper fire is an adorable little doggy called Chop. He’ll be your very own loyal companion and the best friend you’ve ever had. Also he (probably) won’t phone you up during the middle of a bank-job to ask you to go to a tittie bar, so he’s already better than humans.

Chop will be customisable. We’re not fully clear on how far said customisation goes, but you’ll be able to buy accessories such as collars, so you can colour co-ordinate with him. Chop also has feelings, so if you don’t give him all the fuss and love he totally deserves, then he’ll run away.

GTA5 launches on console boxes in October. Feel free to point at a random date on your calendar and pencil it in as the PC release, since your guess is about as good as ours.

Thanks, Digital Spy.