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GTFO release date set for spring

The action-horror co-op game narrows its release window and the devs tell us all about it

GTFO, the co-op action-horror game made by Payday veterans including its lead designer, is coming this spring according to a press release from developer 10 Chambers Collective. To celebrate this narrowing of its release window, the independent Swedish studio has put out a mini-documentary about the making of the game.

The 10-minute video includes new gameplay footage and in-depth discussion of how GTFO hopes to stand out. For one, the story will not unfold via a traditional campaign, but through free, continuous updates, in which you’ll gradually learn why you’ve been trapped in the game’s sinister underground complex, and by whom. The documentary also previews two different environments, part-inspired by Ridley Scott.

“The style of the environments are purposely picked to start off in something that registers as natural and normal,” says Ulf Andersson, creative director for GTFO, founder of 10 Chambers Collective, and creator of Payday. “And then, as players progress through the game, this will of course change and become, I guess, weirder and weirder.”

The devs also emphasise that GTFO is targeting the hardcore; those who are willing to truly cooperate to conquer its challenges.

“You’re almost always running out of ammunition. You’re almost always running out of health”, developer Simon Viklund says. “If you want to survive, you have to use all your tools and instincts to detect a combat situation before it happens, prepare for it, and control the action.”

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GTFO is on Steam if you’d like to learn more or drool over some dark and gloomy screenshots. With its focus on strategy, communication, and true teamwork, it certainly sounds like it’s taking a different approach than other, more chaotic co-op action games, such as Vermintide and the pioneering Left 4 Dead.