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Hardcore co-op FPS free to try on Steam, but be quick

With Den of Wolves on the way the previous co-op FPS from 10 Chambers, GTFO, is having a free weekend and 50% off sale on Steam right now.

GTFO Steam free weekend: a black sci-fi military mask surrounded by a thick red smoke

The free GTFO weekend is about to end, so if you’re looking for a tense co-op shooter to fill the void left by Payday 3, or just fancy spending your Sunday afternoon in a dingy sci-fi aesthetic with some friends, then this shooter is for you. After a session, you can also pick up the full game at its biggest Steam discount yet, with a 50% off deal available well after the free weekend is over.

A shooter that focuses on hardcore action and stealth, GTFO is the perfect co-op game to test how much you truly trust your friends in a life-or-death scenario. As prisoners descending through a mysterious complex at the behest of the warden, you’ll need to find tools and resources to help you survive as you go. The only issue is, that there are a lot of creatures here that could end your life in the blink of an eye.

Everyone will have their role, so before dropping into a level you’ll need to set out who has what gear and weapons. You’ll then need to sneak past the hibernating enemies, but they will awaken at some point, and that’s when things get loud. Think of it like the surprise hordes of Left 4 Dead, just dialed up to 11.

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With the Rundown 8.0 update dropping in December of last year, all expeditions have been released and there are over 80 levels to play through with your squad. If you end up loving GTFO you’ll also want to brush up on Den of Wolves, the upcoming co-op shooter from 10 Chambers that trades horror for a sci-fi thriller setting.

GTFO is available free on Steam until Monday June 17 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST and Tuesday June 18 at 3am AEDT. You can download it here, with a 50% sale then running until Thursday June 27 so expect to pay $19.99 / £17.49.

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