Telltale’s Marvel game is Guardians of the Galaxy according to voice actor strike leak

Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale

As part of the ongoing strike action by the voice actor union SAG-AFTRA, they released a large list of games that were affected, as well as ones within the targetted production period that were not. As part of that second list, it seems they may have accidentally revealed that the space-faring, Blue Swede-listening Guardians of the Galaxy will be next up to have the Telltale Games formula applied.

As the year grows to the close, we look to the upcoming PC games to see if 2017 can live up to 2016.

The news comes via who managed to grab a snap of the PDF on SAG-AFTRA’s site before it was edited. As noted by them, the title codenamed Blue Harvest sits just above The Walking Dead Season 3 in the list and is attributed to the same company.That alone would be reason enough for a raised eyebrow or two, but SAG-AFTRA having now also edited the PDF to remove the offending entry would seem to rather confirm it.

This comes after the initial announcement of a Telltale Marvel game back in 2015. There were no details at the time, though many assumed that the Avengers would be the main characters of the game due to their recognisability. However, given a second Guardians movie is due out in May of next year, it does rather make sense. That also gives us a possible release window.

Assuming all of this is true, we’d expect an announcement at some point soon. Telltale have rather enjoyed Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards as an announcement place before, and they’re just around the corner on December 1. Before that, we can only assume it will take the normal Telltale form of an episodically released season of choice-based adventures with slices of comedy, horror and action woven in. While they’ve diminished in popularity since the days of The Walking Dead Season 1, it’s a niche the company seems to have no intent of abandoning.

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