Guild Wars 2 mount skins are free for the next few weeks

Guild Wars 2 mount skins are up for grabs for absolutely no cost in honor of the MMO game's 10th anniversary, but you might want to hold off redeeming yours

Guild Wars 2 mount skin: An armored dinosaur is running through a desert with a human on its back

Guild Wars 2 mount skins are getting a steep discount to celebrate the popular MMO game’s 10th anniversary, and by steep we mean free. Developer ArenaNet made the announcement on Twitter and said that, for the next three weeks – that’s until the week of September 19 – you can log into the game and pick any Guild Wars 2 mount skin released before the End of Dragons DLC came out in February 2022 for free.

Well, sort of. There’s been a bit of confusion over which skins are actually available. The tweet says you can claim your Black Lion Special Mount Selection License from the game’s Gem Store and then go pick whatever skin you want. The skins shown in the promo video are apparently, not for offer, though, despite being labeled as free in the video.

Guild Wars 2 players asked for clarification on Twitter, some more politely than others, and the account’s manager said they were looking into which skins are actually on offer. There are still plenty of skins on offer, with several dozen of the game’s staggering number of mount skins up for grabs, but you might want to hold off on redeeming your free one until ArenaNet clarifies availability.

So far, there’s no indication which skins might end up being available or when the change may be made. It also seems like you won’t be able to redeem again if you’ve already picked your skin and, after the confusion, there’s another one you decide you want more. You do have a full three weeks to redeem, though, so there’s no hurry and no harm in holding back for now.

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