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A tiny fantasy glimpse at Guild Wars 2’s Spring Update in teaser trailer for April 19 release


Guild Wars 2 is continuing with its cycle of seasonal updates in Spring, with lots more content on the way for players at all levels. Exactly what that content is I’m none the wiser after having watched this teaser trailer for it, but more information is surely on the way. In the mean time, have a look at sexy purple wings, big bows and faceless lava monstrosities – all the stops from ArenaNet.

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30 seconds of patching goodness right here:

I fear my lack of familiarity with the game may be clouding any possible insights. It’s certainly very pretty, and I’m still a big fan of the over-fantasy style Guild Wars 2 is made in. I’d be happy to fight any and all of those monsters for delicious loot.

The last seasonal patch, Winter, upgraded every facet of the game, giving new areas to adventure through alone or in teams, as well as rebalancing classes and other pieces. You can read about that and try to work out what might be coming next here.

Guild Wars players – what are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments and clear this air of slight confusion.