ArenaNet are hiring a Guild Wars 2 game designer for “raid content”

Guild Wars 2 Raid Content

Guild Wars 2 at present currently has zero raids – not counting the world bosses – but ArenaNet might be looking to change that. A new job posting for a Guild Wars 2 game designer specifically mentioning “raid content” suggests that raids are at least on the drawing board. It’s also backed up by several mentions of “Guild Raids” on the games forums, straight from the developers mouth.

The new job listing is one of many related to ArenaNet, but this one caught my eye. The “Game Designer: Raid Content” listing asks for your usual past experience in the industry, but does note one role specific and desired attribute:

“Previous game development experience creating the following: large scale bosses and encounters, repeatable group content for a live game, large scale rewards systems, combat systems for multiple players”

If that isn’t enough to convince you, maybe this will. Studio design director, Chris Whiteside, has mentioned raid content on the Guild Wars 2 forums not once, twice but three times.

How would you like to see raiding introduced into Guild Wars 2?