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Clear the calendar of inferior MMOs: Guild Wars 2 is about to be free for a week

Guild Wars 2: gorgeous and silly all at once.

Guild Wars 2 has fewer barriers to entry than any other game on our best MMORPG list, and it’s about to rid itself of the last – its box price. For a week beginning tomorrow you can potter about Tyria, pulling up root vegetables and breaking up necromantic committee meetings, for free.

“For a limited time, play for free and experience why Guild Wars 2 is the fastest selling MMO in history!,” exclaim ArenaNet.

The trial begins at 12am PDT tomorrow on the dot, and will end at 11:59pm PDT on October 1 – next Wednesday.

ArenaNet have opened up account registration already, to ensure there’s no play time wasted concocting a really, really strong password. You’ll also be able to download the client, ready to hop into the game at break of day tomorrow morning.

Players who’ve participated in previous free trials will find that their accounts still function as intended too.

Nearly the entire game will be open to trial players. There are a handful of restrictions, however: you’ll have limited access to map chat, Trading Post Sales, Gems and WvW battlegrounds, and won’t be able to shout or send mail to strangers – all in the name of putting off gold spammers.

This is, in all probability, the best way to play Guild Wars 2. Whether you’re new or not, there’s no better time to pootle about Tyria than when its maps are teeming with other players. Jump in, join an event partway through, and find out what it was about afterwards.

Do you think you’ll take part in the chaos?