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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons has been delayed to 2022

The next major expansion to Guild Wars 2, End of Dragons, is no longer coming out 2021, but it'll have a big reveal this month.

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons 2022

Nine years after its launch, Guild Wars 2 remains incredibly popular thanks to developer ArenaNet’s constant updates – however, be prepared to wait a little longer for the next expansion End of Dragons, since the team has announced that it’s been delayed to 2022.

The previous big and years-long event, The Icebrood Saga, came to an epic conclusion earlier this year with the Elder Dragons of Ice and Fire heavily featuring – and players were expecting the event to basically roll right into the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion at some point this year. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case.

In a ‘studio update’ for July on the ArenaNet blog, the developer states that the new release date for End of Dragons has shifted from the end of this year to “early 2022”. The team blames “the real-world challenges of the past year” as the cause for this delay, which is something that’s affected pretty much every studio so that’s understandable. “We appreciate your patience as we take the time to give the expansion the attention it deserves” the update adds.

The good news is that the team is still on track for the full reveal of the End of Dragons expansion in the previously announced livestream on July 27. ArenaNet states that it’ll be showing off “a new trailer, feature reveals and information, news about elite specialisation beta events, and details about the story, characters, art, event design, and more” in this first look – and it already has further livestreams planned throughout the year.

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Also in the update, former Guild Wars 2 game director Colin Johanson – who left the project in 2016 to lead Amazon’s doomed multiplayer project Crucible – reveals that he will be rejoining ArenaNet to serve as studio director. Johanson spent 11 years working on the Guild Wars series, so it’s interesting to see him return now to run the team.

As for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, we’ll find out all about it on July 27, even if the wait for the release date just got a lot longer.