Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons DLC sets up for fourth expansion

The Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons DLC breathed new life into ArenaNet's classic MMO, but it's more than just new quests; it's a hint towards the next expansion.

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons DLC sets up for fourth expansion: An Asian man dressed in traditional black samurai garb with a wide brimmed black hat and a trimmed goatee holds a huge sword

With the Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons DLC out in the wild, avid MMO enthusiasts have been exploring every nook and cranny of Gyala Delve, the vast mining zone that accompanied the What Lies Beneath update. While the story itself is very much grounded in Cantha, it turns out that there’s a few hints about the next Guild Wars 2 expansion in there, too.

All we know at the moment is that there will, in fact, be a fourth Guild Wars 2 expansion, likely owing to what designer Joe Kimmes refers to as “a great year for Guild Wars” in 2022.

While it’ll likely be a while away (but please not five years, I beg you ArenaNet), I asked What Lies Beneath team lead Elijah Miller whether or not the Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons DLC has any nods towards future content.

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“For the post-release expansion content drops, we’ll be keeping the story goals flexible – they can tell self-contained stories following up on their expansion, or act as a lead-in towards what’s coming next,” they tell PCGamesN. “What Lies Beneath is primarily a follow-up to End of Dragons that takes a look at how a few of your friends are faring after that story’s events.”

They go on to throw a cheeky curveball, however, stating that “there are a few plot elements creeping in that you may see more of in the days to come.”

What those are, of course, remains a mystery, but I’d suggest that you keep your eyes peeled as you traverse the jade-tinted world of Cantha and Gyala Delve – you never know what’s lurking in the shadows, after all.

What Lies Beneath is a free update, so you simply have to install it if you want to give it a go. If you haven’t played through the main storyline yet, be sure to check out our Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons review for a head’s up on what to expect. If you’ve already completed What Lies Beneath and need something else to occupy your time, we have a list of the best dragon games – after all, Guild Wars and dragons go hand-in-hand.