Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons DLC gets exciting finale

The Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons DLC will let players experience the MMO's latest expansion through to the end with a second free update from ArenaNet.

Engineer mechanist character from Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons DLC

ArenaNet has just announced its second free update, titled What Lies Within, for Guild Wars 2‘s End of Dragons DLC. Players will finally see the saga that began in What Lies Beneath come to a close as we delve back into the MMORPG‘s newest zone, Gyala Delve.

The additional content will come as an adventure-packed story conclusion and is set to launch on Tuesday, May 23, a few months after the first update’s drop.

As detailed in our Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons review, the expansion offered all fans a pleasant experience. Solo players finally had a strong story to delve into while no longer needing to worry about the inability to complete content alone. End of Dragons also brought in some impeccable world-building, featuring dialogue focusing heavily on regional culture, industry, and technology.

The first free update for Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons, called What Lies Beneath, further expanded on both the story and world. It added new zone Gyala Delve, an industrial mining area in which workers harvested Jade, as well as new map-wide events, rewards, and weapons.

Screenshot from Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons DLC

What Lies Within aims to once again challenge players in the Gyala Delve, this time at the dark and dreary depths of the mine. With the help of the Jade Brotherhood, fans will finally take on the Ravenous Wanderer from the expansion’s first free update.

Accompanying the new story quests will be some fresh rewards. Drops you can expect to see include a Mining Hand Drill mace, mini phoenix, Special Ops armor set, Xunlai Nephrite Crusher hammer, and more. We personally don’t need more convincing after seeing mini phoenix.

Screenshot of the Gyala Delve from Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons DLC

The update will also bring with it new activities for players throughout Cantha. Adventures like Jade Bot drone mode collection challenges, skiff races, and siege turtle target practice will be added. Fans can also expect to witness new ambush events as oni hunt them across Cantha’s End of Dragons maps.

You can play Guild Wars 2 by downloading it directly from the website, or by grabbing it on Steam. ArenaNet will celebrate the upcoming release with a sale on the Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons DLC, set to be marked down at 20% off from May 22 to May 28.

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