Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns patch changes elite specialisation progression and mini-games

Guild War 2: Heart of Thorns update

Guild War 2’s expansion, Heart of Thorns, launched less than a week ago, but the folks at Arenanet have taken another crack at some features after launch feedback, culminating in an update last night. 

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The theme of the update seems to be giving players more stuff, earlier, like elite specialisations. These are the advanced classes, like the Tempest and the Dragon Hunter, and they take quite a bit of time to unlock. Well, until the recent update.

“[B]etween the betas and lack of unlock info, we didn’t do a great job properly aligning expectations on how your elite specialization is earned,” explained ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson. “This left some players in a position where they expected to have their elite specialization very early on.”

The specialisations were meant to be part of this long character progression, but ArenaNet says players want to experience most of the story with these new advanced classes, and to that end, the devs have reduced the cost of unlocking the specialisation abilities, almost in half.

Adventure mini-games, which let you compete against other players for rewards and leaderboard positions, have been tweaked as well. Players will get access to them more often.

A bug that was making lower populations in certain maps has also been addressed, making it easier to find groups of players.

Have any of you lovely lot been playing the expansion? What have you made of it so far?

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