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Guild Wars 2 introduces a new profession, reveals details of the revenant

Guild Wars 2 new profession 2

What’s a revenant? What isn’t a revenant, you might as well ask.

Actually no, hold on, your first question — what is a revenant? — was much better, because over on the Guild Wars 2 blog, designer Roy Cronacher has outlined in intimate detail the MMO’s soon to be added ninth profession: the revenant.

Revenants are heavily armoured masters of the Mists, says Cronacher, able to harness energy in order to perform immense attacks. Hammers, maces, axes and the ability to call upon some familiar legends from the Guild Wars universe are all part of the new profession’s armoury.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of the tank-like revenant, with news of the profession arriving as part of the announcement of Guild Wars 2’s first expansion, Heart of Thorns. The blog post goes into very fine detail on some of the more technical aspects of how the new role is expected to work however. Things like legendary stances for example, of which there are at least two: demon and dwarf.

For more hot revenant nuggets, check out the full blog post. Heart of Thorns is expected to launch, well, whenever ArenaNet decide that it’s ready. The expansion will be playable at both PAX in the US and Rezzed in the UK in March.