Guild Wars 2 plants new plot twists in Seeds of Truth update; “You must become a thief”

Guild Wars 2

Tolkien had it that sentient trees were prohibitively slow workers when it came to advice or action. But ArenaNet have built their own world for one of the best MMOs on PC, in which they can do what they like. In Guild Wars 2, lions wave swords about and talking trunks direct heroes towards the next threat in the Living World’s fast-moving second season.

The egg hunt that began in November with Guild Wars 2’s Tangled Paths is still ongoing. Now, the Pale Tree points players down a “strange, dark path” to retrace sylvari thief Caithe’s light steps.

With Glint’s missing egg of “paramount importance”, players must revisit key moments from Caithe’s past to work out where she might have escaped to with her yolky prize.

The fate of the world isn’t helped by the plethora of new distractions in this week’s update, however. Players have the option of helping out the Silverwastes’ skritt population to gain access to their travel-shortening tunnels – or hopping about on the new Drydock Scratch jumping puzzle.

As players uncover the piratical secrets of the Silverwastes, they can save up resources to buy the Carapace and Luminescent armor sets’ boots and pants pieces.

Elsewhere, Guild Wars 2 PvP infrastructure is getting a large-scale rework, with a new map voting system, match prompts, alerts and improvements to matchmaking. The Seeds of Truth update also introduces the Ladder Test Season and service NPCs for the Heart of the Mists.

Did you know? Guild Wars 2’s World Tournament Series finals are happening in Beijing on Friday. There’ll be a $50,000 prize pool, and competitors from the US, Europe and China. That’s enough about ArenaNet’s efforts, though – are you personally bothered about PvP?