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Guild Wars 2 Spring Quarterly Update introduces level boosting, bigger experience gains, and lots of rewards

Guild Wars 2 Spring Update

Guild Wars 2’s Spring Quarterly Update is now live, bringing with it a slew of tweaks reworked features. It’s a second take on the Heart of Thorns expansion, according to ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien. 

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This update is all about improving existing content, and saw the Guild Wars 2 team pause work on new content to tinker with all parts of the expansion. 

The focus appears to be letting players access the newest content, all the stuff that came with the Hearts of the Thorn expansion, as quickly as possible. So now players can jump straight to max level using a consumable item, which can be tested on any character before committing.

Along with the level boost, rewards and experience have also been beefed up. Players can now drop in and out of event chains and still get rewards, and more rewards can be gained outside of these chains. Dungeoneers should net more rewards, too, as well as double the number of tokens from daily bonus chests.

On the experience side of things, max-level creatures now offer 50% more experience, while experience gained from silver and gold adventures has now been doubled.

Take a gander at the full patch notes.