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Guild Wars 2 will stick a camera in your head for upcoming first person view

Guild Wars 2

Tyria is, unquestionably, one of the loveliest looking game worlds on PC. Its vast areas are superbly designed and bursting with colour, the perfect world to see up close. Unfortunately the closest you can get to that beautiful flower is still a distance back, since Guild Wars 2 is a third-person MMO with a fairly wide-angle view. 

This all ends in an upcoming update. Now, with just the scroll of a mouse wheel, you can jam a camera right behind your avatar’s eyes and see the world just as they do. 

The new patch will come with a range of camera-specific updates as well as the first-person mode. Position sliders will allow you to adjust the vertical and horizontal position of the camera, which means you can place the camera in an over-the-shoulder position similar to third-person-shooters. A field of view slider will help open up the amount of world you can see, preventing any feeling of being cramped.

You’ll also be able to adjust the collision sensitivity of the camera, dictating how many objects – such as trees and rocks – need to be between your avatar and the camera before the view snaps back to default position.

The camera will now, when in standard third-person mode, always now default to your avatar’s head height. This will give taller norn characters a very different view of the world than those playing as the diddy little asura. Whilst this allows a better sense of roleplay and stance in the game, this could be problematic when playing jumping puzzles. Thus the patch will also allow you to set the camera at a specific height from the feet upwards, rather than at the head.

All the new camera features will be live in-game from March 10th.