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Guild Wars 2 Winter 2016 Update is the first set of major seasonal changes to be made to the game

Guild Wars 2 Winter Update 2016

Big changes are afoot for Guild Wars 2 as we swan into 2016. The fine folks over at ArenaNet have announced that Winter Update 2016 is on its way, with development now being split on the game between big, seasonal patches and planned regular expansions like Heart of Thorns. It will release on January 26th and is packed with balance changes, system updates and additions to the subscription-less MMO.

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The update itself has been detailed in a lengthy blogpost on the official site, but here’s some highlights:

  • Gliding in Central Tyria – transposing one of the features from Heart of Thorns into more areas.
  • Redesigned Shatterer boss fight – a retouch-up for the open-world boss.
  • Lunar New Year – two week event from January 26th, will be available to all players, not just those who have paid for the expansion.
  • New PvP Mist Champion – Tybalt Leftpaw bares his teeth in battle.
  • A lot of balance updates and quality of life tweaks across the game

They’ve also got a lot more planned for the rest of 2016, adding a new raid wing and continuing the Living World storyline along another stage. If you’re a hardcore fan, I recommend checking out the post, as it has everything you’ve ever wanted to know in it, including some details on what’s coming in the further future.

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