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Guild Wars 2’s fourth season ends next week and it has a new dragon mount

Season 4 of Guild Wars 2 comes to a close on May 14

Guild Wars 2’s fourth season will get its closing chapter next week with the launch of Episode 6: War Eternal. ArenaNet has been teasing out all the new features of the update over the past few weeks, but now we have a release date – May 14 – and a story trailer teasing what to expect from the new plot. In short, everyone is very sad.

The trailer shows very little, but it does set the tone after the sudden death that concluded Episode 5. As we see numerous people grieving, a narrator says “War is life, and life is brief. Death comes. But death’s not death that breathes life into others. And life’s not life that never dares to risk. The world is loss, and grief, and faith, and hope. Then take heart, and rejoin the war eternal. For it may be that death is not the end, but possibly the end of the beginning.”

Episode 6 is set to bring us the usual additions of a new map and new storyline, as the new dragon mount, the Skyscale, a new legendary greatsword, Exordium, and a new Mist Shard Armour set.

You can see the new story trailer below.

If you want a quick peek at the new features, there’s a trailer for that, too.

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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire will be half-price until May 19, so if the free update has you interested, you can catch up relatively cheaply.