Guild Wars 2 Twitch drops and how to claim them

Guild Wars 2 Twitch drops have been enabled to celebrate the game's tenth anniversary and Steam release, so here's how to claim free loot in ArenaNet's MMORPG

guild wars 2 twitch drops and how to claim: Asura in black armour with glowing blue inlays stands with short jagged sword on an idyllic countryside background

As part of their tenth anniversary, Guild Wars 2 Twitch drops have been turned on to let you score some free new gear in ArenaNet’s classic MMORPG. Here’s how to claim them for yourself.

Following the release of End of Dragons, Guild Wars 2 is back in style, luring players back into the ever-expanding world of Tyria by throwing open the gates to Cantha, a technological paradise nestled amid the cherry blossoms.

ArenaNet’s classic MMORPG will also be coming to Steam after a decade-long wait, allowing players old and new to dive into the fray and explore.

The Steam release is part of the game’s tenth anniversary celebrations, and is accompanied by a Twitch campaign that sees a plethora of Guild Wars 2 Twitch drops up for grabs. Here’s how you can get involved and pick some up for yourself.

Guild Wars 2 Twitch drops and how to claim: Knight in shining armor riding a golden Chinese dragon with a circular jade arch behind him.

Guild Wars 2 Twitch drop rewards

Guild Wars 2’s Twitch drop campaign will run from August 23 at 12PM PST / 3PM EST / 8PM BST / 9PM CEST / 5AM AEST until August 28 at 11:59PM PST / 2:59AM EST / 7:59AM BST / 8:39AM CEST / 4:59PM AEST.

Tuning into any participating Guild Wars 2 stream can net you a whole plethora of rewards, including limited edition cosmetics (specifically, a choice of a classic Guild Wars 2 outfit).

The rewards we know about so far are:

  • A choice of one classic Guild Wars 2 outfit
  • Glowing Purple Mask cosmetic
  • Boosters
  • A mini
  • Transmutation charges

How to get Guild War 2 Twitch drops

At the moment all we know is that “soon you’ll be able to link your Twitch and Guild Wars 2 accounts,” so ArenaNet may devise a specific way of connecting your profiles.

In most cases, however, all you have to do is:

  • Log in on Twitch
  • Visit the Twitch drop campaign page
  • Select Guild Wars 2
  • Scroll past the rewards and click ‘connect
  • You will then be asked to log into your GW2 account. Make sure you pick the one you want the rewards to go to
  • Tune into participating streams and claim your rewards!

As further information is announced about the Guild Wars 2 Twitch drop campaign we’ll be sure to update this page. In the meantime, though, you’ll want to check out the best dragon games on PC to keep you occupied.