Wintersday returns to Guild Wars 2; help Toymaker Tixx spread some festive cheer

Guild Wars 2 Wintersday

Tyria is in full holiday spirits with the return of Wintersday. The capital of Divinity’s Read has once again been smothered with snow and decoration, as Guild Wars 2 celebrates its traditional winter festival. 

Toymaker Tixx is back as well, with even more mischievous and rampant toy inventions. Also – if you log in every day until the event’s end, you’ll receive daily gifts from the new and revamped achievement system.

Players are called to help Toymaker Tixx herd in his angsty and out of control toys in the Infinirarium – his giant golem airship. Once those have been reined in, they can take on last year’s challenges: including the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, Bell Choir, Toypocalypse and Snowball Mayhem.

Doing so will earn you tons of goodies, from your very own Wintersday tree, all the way to festive weapon cosmetics. You might also want to hop into World vs World, as from now until January 13th, there’ll be random “Sneak Attack Events”, that’ll put a focus on map objectives.

The Wintersday update is overflowing with even more presents – take a look at the full release page here.