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ArenaNet release the Guild Wars 2: Super Adventure Box soundtrack for free


Guild Wars 2 recently introduced an extensive 8-bit zone titled the Super Adventure Box, which transcended the remit of an April Fools gag to become a substantial chunk of honest to goodness free content. Not only did the retro-pixel world look fantastically cheerful, but it was backed by an original chiptune soundtrack by composers Maclaine Diemer and Leif Chappelle. The lovely ArenaNet have just released the twee, old-school tunes in their 25 minute long entirety.

The Guild Wars 2: Super Adventure Box soundtrack is available to stream on Soundcloud if you’d like to pretend you’re living inside a Super Nintendo for about half an hour. King Toad Boss is my favourite track, every bit a classic Nintendo platformer ditty. The composers even comment on their work beneath the individual track listings. Here’s Maclaine Diemer on how she approached composing the aforementioned frog-battling score.

“When it came time to write this one, my first thought was “What on earth does frog fighting music sound like?” Then, of course, it hit me: Battletoads! The soundtrack for Battletoads is completely bonkers, and unlike anything else in the classic NES game canon. I think a major part of that is that it’s one of the few soundtracks written by Western composers, rather than Japanese composers, and therefore doesn’t have the same sensibility. It’s totally rocking.

This ended up even wackier than I originally intended. The melody jumps around all over the place, and when the counter melody comes in, the two leap around all over each other. You know, like frogs.”

Interesting stuff! If you haven’t played Super Adventure Box yet, you can find Nick’s thoughts right here.