Chase Scarlet to the Edge of the Mists in the next Guild Wars 2 update

Guild Wars 2 The Edge of the Mists trailer

You’re probably a bit busy, I get it. Giant, evil marionettes to destory. Three-headed, island-spanning wurms to carve up into little pieces. It’s a hard life being a hero in Guild Wars 2. You might even be a little bit tired. Do you feel like you need a nap? Sorry, it’s not happening, you’ve got that cheeky Scarlet to hunt down and her dastardly Aetherblade pirates to put out of commission. 

There’s one place that has been free of Scarlet’s shifty machinations, and that’s the mysterious Edge of the Mists – a land almost as enigmatic as that shady woman herself. So obviously Scarlet’s heading there with her pirate chums, and adventurers are going to have to follow her beyond time and space, which sounds like a tall order.

Edge of the Mists launches on February 4th, and continues the run-up to the culmination of the first season of the Living World.