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Colin Johanson to answer your burning questions tonight on Guild Wars 2 livestream


Tonight at 8PM BST, game director Colin Johanson will livestream a Q/A session, discussing the future of Guild Wars 2 this year. Expect talk on the new release schedule, brand new skills and traits, new rewards and an expanded crafting system. We also have a special chance to get five of your questions answered by the man himself live on stream. We will pick the best ones at 6PM BST today, so hurry!

The stream will go live tonight at 8PM BST / 12PM PDT. If you’re an avid denizen of Tyria, you won’t want to miss this, since this guy is the boss of it all. But he’s the best guy when you’ve got a question you want answering, and we’re going to pitch five of our readers for the man himself to answer.

All you need to do is go into the comments and ask a question regarding Guild Wars 2. At 6PM BST we will take the five best and email them straight to Colin. These questions are guaranteed to be answered on stream, so make sure you ask a gooden.

You’ve got four hours from…. now!