Come join us for the second Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend


Are you ready? Are your clients updated, your bellies full, your complimentary ArenaNet urination pouches properly installed? Are you ready to spend the next three days lost in Tyria, battling your fellow virtual man, or banding together with them to take on the artificially intelligent tyranny of the NPC? You need to feed the cat first? Ok, I’ll wait. 

We’re going to be playing this Beta Weekend 2, and we’re going to be playing on the Desolation server, lost in the war torn mire that is the WvWvW PvP. Come join us, we’re probably going to get killed, but we might get one or two of our own before we go down. The more of us to kill, the less likely that you’ll die first, right? Right. The BWE2 starts at 8pm BST, which is in an hour and a half. Stop fidgeting, it’ll get here soon enough.