Competition time: win an adorable Guild Wars 2 Lego Infantile Cloud


It’s less than two weeks since our last giveaway and yet we’re back with another. This time around we have a cute rendition of a Super Adventure Box denizen: the Infantile Cloud. It’s to celebrate the second coming of the much loved Super Adventure Box: a game-within-a-game to help teach the Asuran progeny important lessons. You can read our preview of the it over here. If you’re more interested in the delightful condensed water thing and how to win it, read on.

Here’s what you need to:

In the comments section below, we want to hear about the first ever PC game you played and/or bought.

What was it? Where did you get it from? Why did you play it? Did you like it? Maybe even write a little mini-review of it.The best entries will have plenty of nostalgic goodness, much akin the Super Adventure Box.

The competition closes this Friday on 13/09/13 at 18:00 BST. We take the time to judge each and every comment, regardless of the votes they possess (so don’t bother downvoting everyone). The winner will be announced on this page and our twitter soon after the deadline.

Update: The competition is now closed. Congratulations to Dog Pants for his Mechwarrior story. We’ll contact you via email about sending your prize. Close runners up included Shriven with his antique Fire Ants and jeddentad for reminding us that Ultimate Wizard existed and it was awesome. I saw a lot of non-PC game entries, which couldn’t be judged. Be sure to read our questions thoroughly to avoid your entry being disqualified.