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Fiscal fumble: Guild Wars 2 isn’t farming as much gold as before for NCSoft


The Christmas period is always full of shiny new games to pry our attention away from older releases, and NCSoft certainly felt the sting of that tradition. The publisher saw a notably weak final month to 2013 compared to 2012, and Guild Wars 2 sales drop by a quarter. 

Guild Wars 2’s continued success through 2012 saw the company end the year on a massive high note, but this year’s final quarter was down year-on-year in sales, profit, and net income. Owch.

Thankful Q4 2013 was a better three months for NCSoft than Q3, which was the publishers worst period of the year. Q4 saw an 85% increase on Q3, but overall operating profits were down 50% compared to last year.

Some of this can be blamed on Guild Wars 2’s drop in sales, which has dropped 25% since launch year, generating £69.5m in 2013. Lineage 1 has stayed high as the publisher’s biggest income farm, which created a rather cool £162.3m this year.

Thanks, Develop.