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Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition hands on

Guild Wars 2 is on the horizon. It feels like an eternity when it was first announced back in 2007, but here we are today on the verge of the games launch. I've followed the game since its announcement to present day, falling slowly in love with it. So in love in fact, that I decided to pre-purchase the collectors edition back in April. Finally after four months, a pleasant chap delivered a big brown box to my door. Cue amateur photography.

The box itself is very clean cut, with the "Rytlock" figurine taking centre stage. On the back it details the goodies included in the CE as well as system requirements. After a few minutes of carefully prying open the box (as if not to wake the beast inside), I got my hands on its contents.

Standing ten inches tall doesn't make this Charr any less fierce looking. This could of been easily a job for the mass production line, but Arena-Net instead took the time to hand paint these to achieve the detail it deserves. The sword and base are completely detachable, but other than for cleaning I don't know why you would want to. I'm really impressed with the quality and I don't see this moving from my desk any time soon.

We're not done yet folks. Sitting below the figurine is a metal tin case with a beautiful textured map of Tyria, the world of Guild Wars 2. From someone who played a lot of the original Guild Wars, this map breathes nostalgia. Combing over it, I can spot the catastrophic changes to Tyria's land mass as a result of Zhaitan and the other elder dragons.


Then first treasure inside is the art frame and prints from the heavily renowned art team. If it is one thing Arena-Net can do is create truly majestic art to inspire the look of Guild Wars 2. Some of my favourites here are the Charr fighting the Flame Dijn and the vista of what appears to be the Black Citadel.

Speaking of art, there's a whole bunch more of it in the "Making of Guild Wars 2" book. I've only skimmed through the pages as I plan to read it after playing a couple of hundred hours of GW2 first. Some things are best left unspoilt. 

Finally we have the game itself, which consists of two DVD's and various codes for the in-game items awarded to purchasers of the CE and digital deluxe editions. Also included is the "Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack". I was really looking forward to the soundtrack and initially I was disappointed that it only consisted of six tracks, although this is at a fault of my own for thinking the entire thing was included. However you do get a money off coupon to the entire four disc soundtrack, so you can enjoy Jeremy Soule's talent outside of Tyria. 

I did double, triple check for any more hidden gems but alas that was the entire contents. The said contents now has its own home on my second desk, reminding me of the impending release. If you fancy playing with me and the rest of PCGamesN, we will be causing havoc on "Gunnars Hold" EU server. Keep an eye on the site for more details coming over the next few days, but if you are adopting the 'I'm going to sleep until it's released' strategy, contact "Falco Darkwind" in-game.   

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