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Guild Wars 2 gets all democratic with Cutthroat Politics next week


Citizens of Tyria, it’s almost time to cast your vote! Starting 23rd July, there will be a vacancy on the Captain’s Council and it’s up to you who gets the chair. Vote wisely though, the victorious candidate will bring permanent changes to Guild Wars 2’s world.

Cutthroat Politics is the second update in ArenaNet’s new focus on quick content delivery, with new pieces of content coming every two weeks. The spotlight for this fortnight’s worth of missions and events is cast on war hero Ellen Kiel and merchant Evon Gnashblade, who will be campaigning for your votes. No doubt they come with their fair share of pros and cons – mostly to do with striking a trade deal with the Zephyr Sanctum – so consider carefully what rewards you’ll get out of each candidate.

Cutthroat Politics will kick off next Tuesday.