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Guild Wars 2 to have its first World vs World season start next month


From the 4 October through to 21 November Guild Wars 2 will have its first World vs World season. Each region has been broken up into multiple leagues, and the different servers have been spread across those leagues.

Each match will come with prizes for the winners and the worlds that do the best over the league stand to gain even bigger rewards.

“The winning world in each league will unlock a stack of supply dolyak finishers for their use in WvW and PvP,” writes Arenanet’s Devon Carver. “1st place in the gold league will get a gold dolyak, 1st place in the silver league a silver dolyak, and 1st place in the bronze league a bronze dolyak. Every player will be rewarded with WvW account bonus chests based on the weekly results. This will continue once the season is complete and be a permanent feature of WvW going forward. The rewards for each week will only be available during the following week’s matchup. If you don’t log in during a given week you will not receive the bonus chests for the previous week.”

Arenanet are further supporting the new league with a set of achievements specific to WvW play.

To avoid folk moving about for extra rewards, “players will be tied to the home world they have set when the season begins, so regardless of transfers, you will receive rewards based only on the world you started on.”

Also, to allow players to spec up their character specifically for the league, Arenanet are refunding players all their World Ability Points. They’re also stating that they “will not be introducing any new ability lines during the season, nor shall we be making any other changes to WvW, with the exception of bug fixes, until the season concludes. This is to ensure that the playing field is as level as it can be at the start and the finish of the season.

Hopefully these leagues will become a regular feature.

Cheers, VG247.