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Guild Wars 2 leaderboards launch. Look on in envy


What with their addictive qualities, MMOs have been tearing families, friendships, and relationships apart since the 90s. developer Arenanet are continuing that fine tradition by launching leaderboards with which to brag, boast, and bicker over.

Currently the listings only show the top 100 players in PvP, WvW, and Achivements but the developer promises to “ramp this number up and add some different ways to slice the data to help you get the most relevant information possible.” The home-wrecking bastards.

You can view the North American and European leaderboards by following this link. Nope, just kidding, it’s this link.

You won’t be seeing a live feed of player positions, instead, the leaderboards update a few times each day. It’s also worth noting that the PvP board currently only takes into account single tournament bouts. If you go in for three-round tournaments and public matches then you won’t be helping out your PvP rating one bit.

Cheers, Joystiq.